About GlowFactory.co.uk

GlowFactory is expert and wholesaler for glow sticks, light gadgets and LED products.
We focus fully on retailers throughout Europe.

GlowFactory is a Dutch company with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and in China.
From our central warehouse in the Netherlands we can service many customers throughout Europe.
With our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer almost any type of light, LED or glow article.

We can also offer prints on most of our products.
We have been having gifts and tailor-made products made in China for a wide range of clients. If necessary, products can be printed in the Netherlands also.
Besides competitive prices, GlowFactory feels strongly about service and quality and we look forward to seeing our satisfied clients return.

After your registration has been approved you can place your order via this website.
If you have any questions or a specific demand, please feel free to contact us!

We wish you success with your sales!

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2421LG Nieuwkoop
The Netherlands

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